Friday, 10 June 2016

Women of Cosplay - Sian Wicks Cosplay

Sian Wicks Cosplay

In the latest of our 'Women of Strength in Cosplay' series we caught up with Sian Wicks Cosplay at the MCM London Comic Con.

"My names Sian I'm 18 years old and from Kent. I've only been cosplaying for just over a year but its been an amazing one. Cosplay is a very unique hobby as your body is the canvas and you have the freedom to cosplay whoever and however you want. Everyone in the cosplay community has been so welcoming its like being a part of a huge family ! I have cosplayed a few different characters such as Lady Vader and most recently Jason Voorhees (based on the Kotobukiya figure.) I enjoy these characters as its fun to be the villain plus people like to see the female twist on powerful male characters. I have many cosplay ideas for the future and cannot wait to put them into reality"

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