Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Women of Cosplay - Katie Cosplays

Katie Cosplays

In the latest in our 'women of strength in cosplay series' we asked Katie to tell us a bit about herself.

"Hello, I'm Katie cosplays, I really love to cosplay numerous different characters from Disney, to DC characters, what I love most about cosplay is the way I can put on a costume like Jessica Rabbit and feel confident and sexy I like the way it feels to put on a costume and become that character, a fun and quirky villain like Harley Quinn, a strong and powerful heroine like Black canary.  Each character I cosplay, I do it because I love that character, I try to create as much likeness to the character as I can, I make some parts of the cosplays myself which makes me feel proud to wear it as I know it’s something that I have created. 

Cosplaying is about having fun, enjoying representing your favourite characters from comics, movies, etc. because when you put on a costume, you can be anyone you want to be."

Katie's cosplay page can be found at

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