Monday, 4 January 2016

An exciting New Year

Looking forward to 2016 

A belated Happy New Year to everyone, here is hoping 2016 is going to be a wonderful year. There is certainly lots to look forward to.

We are starting the New Year off with our most exciting project to date. 'We Cosplay' - our feature length documentary looking at the rise in popularity of both Cosplay and comic/media cons in the UK. We already have some of the best UK cosplayers involved and will be filming over the weekend of the London Super Comic Con (which we think is one of the best UK cons you can go to, so get your tickets now).

We will be covering every aspect of cosplay from the amount of skill and effort that can go into creating a costume and props, to the enjoyment it brings to so many, to the positive impact it can have on individuals and wider society. We will also look at some of the problems and issues that can arise such as bullying and harassment. Rather than 'poking fun' at the nerdy people dressing up which seems to be the general media take on cosplay and comic cons, this will be a serious, though light hearted look at cosplay from within the community. We are trying to get across to a mainstream audience how amazing and fun cosplay is, that it is a serious hobby that an incredibly wide cross section of people take part in.

With the huge explosion in sci-fi, comic and fantasy themed tv shows and movies the 'culture' is probably bigger now than it has ever been. 'Geek' culture is slowly being recognised for what it is, but the general media, in particular the 'popular' press seem still not to 'get it' and though they are now beginning to cover both the large National events (MCM and Showmasters events) and regional/local events, such coverage still seems to be either 'silly people dressing up' or 'sexy girls showing flesh' rather than taking a proper look at what is going on.

In terms of particpation, 'Cosplay' is probably one of the biggest hobbies in the UK now. It's about time it was recognised as such.

Elsewhere we are beginning to plan our con/event attendance for the year - you can find an up-to-date list on our facebook page under the 'notes' section. We will be trading at/attending more cons/events than ever before this year, so it's going to be a busy but exciting year.

We also have some great new t-shirt designs coming soon, the first to be revealed at our first event of the year - True Believers in Cheltenham on Feb 6th.

Looking at the number and range of new comic lines, new games, new tv shows and of course new movies. 2016 couldn't be a better time to be a Geek.