Monday, 16 November 2015

We Cosplay

We Cosplay

We are excited to announce a big project for early 2016:

'We Cosplay' a full length documentary looking at the cosplay community and the culture surrounding comic conventions in the UK.

This will be a documentary created from within the 'community' highlighting how popular comic/film conventions have become and with that how many people now enjoy cosplay. We'll be showcasing the incredible amount of effort and creativity that goes into creating the, often amazing, cosplays that feature at every con now and how much enjoyment cosplay can create.

We will be looking at the charitable and community aspects of cosplay and also looking at prop and costume makers, convention organisers and traders/dealers.

The bulk of the documentary will be filmed over the weekend of the London Super Comic Con 2016 and we are aiming for a release date of late Spring 2016. The documentary will be freely available online but we may also produce DVDs/Blurays for those who would like a 'hard copy'.

More news soon 

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