Sunday, 22 March 2015

London Super Comic Con 2015

A great weekend

Well though it's a week ago now, we are still buzzing from an absolutely fabulous weekend at the London Super Comic Con at London Excel. Yes, the weather was dull and cold, certainly compared with last year, so there wasn't the crowds of cosplayers having fun in the Sun, they were just having fun inside. 

Yet again this was a superbly run con, despite the noticeably larger attendance there were still no issues at all with queuing or crowds, yes there was some queuing to get in initially but the queues never built up to a stupid size and moved rapidly thanks to the well organised scanning of bar-codes and issuing of bands/passes. Other cons could definitely take note of how to do this properly. There were loads of staff patrolling all the con areas, both in the hall and in the public areas, all there to help with any questions/queries or issues. Again, this is an area where other cons could take note.

This is still, noticeably so, the best run and organised con of this size in the UK and still a complete joy to attend. 

Everyone is relaxed and friendly and that atmosphere just fills the event. There are a good variety of stalls, though more definitely comic related than other events, this is not a bad thing, there are still plenty of things to spend your money on. The talks/panels were of the usual high quality and interest and the now established cosplay masquerade and cosplay championship draw ever bigger crowds and some amazingly high quality entrants. 

You can find a full image gallery on our con page - and a few preview images below.

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